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Background on Rose (Au Yeung) Honor,

Acupuncture Physician, (DOM) Doctor of Oriental Medicine:


Rose Business card pic croppedI was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time.

Growing up in New York, I was constantly sick. I remember having chronic Bronchitis for 6 months. It lasted the entire winter and than some.

I would catch a cold/flu about 2 times a month. As soon as I got over a cold or flu, I would catch another one.
It seemed to me that If someone who was sick just looked at me, I would catch their cold! I had a very suppressed immune system.

Than I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I also suffered from constant Yeast, bacterial, and viral infections. I was tired all the time. Just taking a shower tired me out for many hours.

I needed to do my own research to get well.
The western doctors told me either it was in my head or they could only give me more antibiotics which just did not help at all and worsened my chronic candida infection sysmptoms. They never addressed my poor diet and one Doctor said I could eat all the sugar and sweets that I wanted without any repercussions. But every time I did, I would immediately get sick.

My journey from sickness to health involved

  • Diet Change – Stopped the sugary, processed, junk foods, which was very difficult due to the addictive nature! I stopped craving them when I stopped consciously buying those foods. My taste buds changed after a few weeks.
  • Introduced a plant based diet consisting of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, beans, and legumes, some nuts and seeds, occasional fish and a little animal protein from Organic Chicken or Turkey.
  • Used:
  • Detoxed from Heavy metal and chemicals with Homeopathics
  • Used whole food supplements and herbs to eliminate yeast, bacteria. and viruses, and parasites.
  • Used herbs to support sluggish Thyroid and Adrenals
  • Applied Kinesiology – Muscle testing to test what supplements, herbs, Homeopathics, and correct treatment modality to use.
    There is no guess work of what treatment to use. The body tells us with muscle testing.
  • Acupuncture to balance Body, mind, and spirit, relieve neck and shoulder pain, help with sleep.
  • Cupping: To help relieve tight, stiff, painful neck. Shoulders, and back.
  • AcuGraph: Digital Meridian Imaging system. It shows in a graphical form the flow of Qi- Energy in the body along the 12 major meridians in Chinese medicine.
  • Energy Medicine: helps balance energies, reduce pain, clear your head, etc.
  • NAET – Allergy Elimination technique. Eliminate my many allergies to certain foods: wheat, eggs, Chicken. Also was allergic to minerals, magnesium, vitamin C, hormones. Certain chemicals and metals.

As a result, I was able to get back to health using all the treatment modalities mentioned. It was not easy, and some times there were set backs, but I felt I was always moving forward in the right direction.

Seeing my results, I wanted to help others who might be suffering from similar issues.

In my scope of practice as an Acupuncture Physician, I am able to utilize all the previous treatment modalities mentioned, choosing the most beneficial treatment for each particular person.
One size does NOT fit all.

 Dr. Rose  has been a firm believer in Traditional Chinese Medicine  since her early childhood.   She studied Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, Florida. She graduated with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelors of Professional Health Sciences. Rose is a member of NCCAOM as well as FSOMA-Florida State Oriental Medicine Association.

 Her background includes practicing as a nutritional consultant and patient advocate for over 4 years at a Chiropractic office in Tampa, Fl.

 She  uses Acupuncture, Nutrition, Applied Kineseology, cupping, E-Stim (Electrical stimulation), supplements, herbs, homeopathics, Energy medicine,  NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) as well as other natural therapies to balance body, mind, and spirit  –  blending the art and intuition of ancient Eastern traditions with the practical application of modern Western nutritional science to provide powerful, personalized care.

 Her use of Muscle Testing takes the guess work out of knowing which Supplement, Herbs, Homeopathics or treatment modalities would best work or is most needed for the body at the time.

 She also uses  the AcuGraph,  a Digital Meridian Imaging system as a diagnostic tool  which displays a graphical image of the meridian energy flow through the body. This gives objective feedback on the patient’s health status.

 Dr. Rose’s specialties include: Allergy clearings, Weight Loss, Hormone balancing, stress reduction, pain management, lower back, neck, foot and shoulder pain, headaches, sleep disturbances, digestion, gout, tinnitus, detoxification, nutritional guidance, and women’s issues.

 Her goal is to: Provide excellent quality care using natural therapies and modalities for balancing body, mind, and spirit acting as a bridge to help guide her patients over from sickness to health. She wants to empower her patients to enable them to take responsibility for their health through education and guidance.

She will create an individualized program tailored to your particular health issues and concerns.

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