After many years of being scared to go to a restaurant.  After many years of lying in bed suffering  with a migraine because I accidently ate one of my 30 food allergens.   After many years of my family saying  ” are you sure you can eat that” – Now I Can Eat Anything  – without any fear of being ill.

I visited Dr. Rose  Honor’s office in the fall of 2015.  My husband had read about NAET.   NAET  is a natural allergy elimination technique.  We researched and found that Dr. Rose was a certified and experienced NAET Practitioner. 

What I learned from Dr. Rose is that allergy elimination is a process, not an instant fix. We all know that nothing works for everyone, but for me, NAET has been a game changer.  It has been a game changer because I went through all the steps Dr. Rose’s testing said I required.  And, now, all I need to do is go back for maintenance.

Dr. Rose is a kind, gentle, skilled practitioner, who really cares about her patients.

I highly recommend Dr. Rose and particularly the NAET allergy elimination technique.


Lainey Mastropietro


Jerry had reached the end of the line…almost!  He survived lung cancer and now a form of Parkinson’s. He was in a wheelchair and could hardly keep down food. The Drs had no answers and just prescribed more meds. We found Dr Rose through our doctor at USF. By the third treatment Jerry no longer needed the wheelchair and is putting back weight!  There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Karen & Jerry (6/2015)



Hello There Dr. Rose!!Here’s what I wanted to share with the world about your incredible healing frequencies!Hope all is well, probably will try to see you this week :)To say the least… This amazing woman saved my life.

Since The young age of 15, I have been diagnosed with  manic depressive Bi-Polar. My brain didn’t work like the ” normal” teenage girls all through my adolescent life. My highs were extremely high, feeling like super woman, but my lows usually ended up with a shaking gun to my head, or a rope around my throat. Growing up was not a fun time…

After my first official two week stay in a Psychiatric hospital while being a Junior in College, medications were fed to me as if they belonged in a troff. Serious mind altering mood stabilizers were being “tested” on me, quickly switching to another round if those didn’t make my mind a complete zombie.

For 5 years, I forgot how to feel, love and cry. 2014 was the year I was going to take my life, everything was set up and planned in my head  like a vacation of some sort! Within that week I found out about acupuncture and energy healing through a family member… What the heck, what’s it going to hurt? I’m already dead inside, let’s see what happens..

February 2014 was the first visit, and only after 5 minutes of sitting in the same room with Dr. Rose did I feel something… Compassion, an eagerness to listen and truly help. I couldn’t feel a human beings soul for 5 years, but now after 5 minutes I immediately opened up my vulnerabilities and begged her to help me be “normal”, with out prescription drugs..

It has been almost a month now and I have been completely free of toxic pharmaceutical pills, no depression, no extreme elevated “highs” and I haven’t even flirted with the thought of suicide..! Sleeping is such an ease now, so is having ” normal” relationships. I actually cry now, sometimes over the littlest of things, but I love it because my heart FEELS it like I’m physically touching it..everyone’s vibrations are alive around me and I feel truly in tuned with myself.

The list goes on and on..

Thank you Dr. Rose for opening up your healing enlightening soul to everyone who enters Wisdom of Yoga!!

Being born again at 25… A truly amazing experience.

Ashley S.

(June 2014)


Hi Dr. Rose:
I wish to thank you for providing acupuncture and bio-puncture treatments, which have permitted me to begin walking again with less pain, without the need for a roller walker and relying on medications.  

I decided to begin treatments with you, as my last alternative, as  traditional medicine was not getting to the root of my health issues. I have L4/L5, L5/S1 herniated discs that contributed to sciatica and neuropathy on my left side (lower back, sciatica, leg, ankle and foot).

Since August 2013, I had continuous epidurals, steroid injections, facet joint injections, physical therapy and was prescribed Tramadol, Neurotin, Flexeril and other medications in high doses; but each day the pain continued to worsen to the extent that I could not take a few steps without the most excruciating pain. I could not sleep, sit or do daily activities due to the excruciating pain. Surgery was the next step!

 On February 5, 2014 I began my initial visit and acupuncture with e-stim with you.  I continued weekly treatments until March 27th.  The bio-puncture treatments provided better results than the steroid injections in lowering inflammation in lower back and sciatica. At present I am on maintenance acupuncture treatments with you once a month.

Thank you again for your professionalism, knowledge of Acupuncture, Oriental and Energy Medicine. Thank you for being such a caring medical provider. Today, I can sit, sleep on both sides, walk distances, go shopping and enjoy outdoor activities. Please use this information as a testimonial on your web site if you consider it helpful for others that may be considering acupuncture and oriental medicine. If you ever need someone to give a testimonial at one of your conferences, please feel free to contact me.  I cannot be more thankful!

Lillian Soto

(May 2014)


Dear Dr Rose,

I want to thank you for your wonderful service. If you could pass this info on to others it might be very helpful to them.. My Mom has had nerve deafness since she was 6 yrs. old. She wears hearing aids in both ears. My Mom is now in her 80’s. Even with her hearing aid on we still have to talk very loud for her to hear us. After only two acupuncture sessions she was able to hear us down to a whisper. She says she can now watch TV without the captions. It is so amazing.

I also had amazing results. I was getting hot flashes so bad at least 5 times a day. I had 2 sessions and it has now been 5 months, not one hot flash since. I recommended acupuncture to  my friend who has had severe eczema most of her life. After the 1st session the itching disappeared, after 2 sessions there was no signs left of it. I am a true believer of acupuncture I have seen amazing results for myself and for others. And I am so impressed with Dr. Rose. She really takes her time to find out the best way to help people. If she is not sure how to answer your question, she will research it for you. She’s great.   I am truly grateful.

Janice E. (Aug. 2013)


In 2013 I decided to make an appointment with an acupuncturist for neck pain and some sinus pressure and found Dr. Rose.    After several acupuncture visits and one cupping appointment, I have found profound relief from both.  I am now a firm believer in acupuncture and am sold on Dr. Rose’s practice due to her calm, gracious and professional manner.  After all, nothing speaks louder than one’s personal experience and I highly recommend Dr. Rose.
Lori Bandy 🙂
(April 2014)


I had never had acupuncture before, but after one treatment, my back pain diminished significantly. After two treatments, my back pain was completely gone! I now go for hormone-balancing treatments, which have really changed by life. I have a history of fibroids and excessive menstrual pain and bleeding, and acupuncture and Dr.Rose’s suggestions for adjunctive therapy have made a remarkable difference. Dr. Rose is very professional, but also wonderfully sweet and kind. I highly recommend her services.

Natasha B.


Today was my first experience with acupuncture.  I didn’t completely know what to expect. I went in to see Dr. Rose for the pain in my foot that has been going on for months. I had been to a podiatrist and felt no relief. Dr. Rose listened to my symptoms,  and drew up a treatment. After my treatment I stood up with no pain. I was simply amazed.  Dr. Rose is a great listener and truly has a concern for her patients well being. Would refer anyone I know to her.

Jennifer B.


Dr. Rose Honor is absolutely amazing!! She has helped me in countless ways, and if I were to share even half of them it would probably be as long as a book.

Some examples are I’ve always had a tendency to fall sick very easily, and even more so after I became a teacher. But thanks to Dr. Honor my immune system has become significantly stronger. All the students and teachers, and even my husband have been sick around me and now I don’t get sick! When before all they had to do was look at me or come near me and I would fall sick, no amount of vitamin C, zinc, Echinacea used to help.

She has also helped me with many other issues such as lack of energy by balancing my spleen and thyroid. I used to get so tired, even though I took all sorts of vitamins, medicine, slept, etc. But it was only after seeing Dr. Honor and doing everything she explained to me, that everything slowly started to improve.

I have also had different gynecological issues, such as irregular menstrual cycles and extremely painful periods. At one time, it was about 5 days before my wedding day and my period still had not come, it was late. Needless to say, I was panicking. After receiving an acupuncture treatment, I immediately got my period. I literally got up from the table and walked straight to the bathroom, and it was really there!

Dr. Honor implements a wide range of disciplines in order to tailor the treatment to my specific needs. She really listens, and always goes the extra mile. She truly cares and her goal is to see her patients thoroughly improve- her goal is for you to get completely healthy, and have to see her less often and take less supplements!

From my experience, I know that with the combination of Dr, Honor’s acupuncture, supplements, and nutrition, anything is possible! I highly and solely recommend her to everyone- even for children!

Behroz R.


For years I have been almost incapacitated, physically and mentally drained 24/7. In 1997 all of my muscles started getting rock hard and all of my joints and muscles hurt. When I used a muscle to walk or do anything the pain in that muscle would become severe.  My mind felt mentally drained, in a fog, couldn’t concentrate, and lost all interest in everything, I had no energy, I didn’t feel like living and I was sleepy all the time.

Then in 2012 I started going to see Dr. Rose Honor and started Acupuncture treatments.

I have had positive results with each treatment. After treatment # 4, I started feeling like a new man, after treatment #5, my body started to come alive again. After treatment #6, and 7, I feel Alive and strong.

Almost all of my problems are gone.

 My body is alive and I feel that I have muscles again. My mind is clearer, I have interest in things again and I now have energy. I have my life back.

Acupuncture treatments from Dr. Rose Honor have been a miracle for me. She listens to what you say and then bases her treatments accordingly. She sincerely cares about her patients and will go that extra mile to give you positive results. Dr Rose has excellent bed side manner and it is a pleasure being treated by her.

 Mickey Harp


Dr Rose saved me from tear duct surgery.
The eye doctors gave me medications for  many months at no prevail .
I was told surgery would be the only solution to unblock my tear duct.
 I was terrified and turned to acupuncture as my last resort.
Dr Rose’s great care, knowledge and determination to cure  has saved me from going under the knife.
I will never know what substance caused my infection.
 Yet, I am so grateful that she made it go away!
Thank you, thank you!
Cristina C.  (March 2014)

After suffering for years with allergies, specifically to maple in New England, where I spend my summers and pigweed in Florida, where I spend my winters, I am symptom free!!  About a year ago I also started to experience digestive issues, sometimes serious in nature.  That is also presently under control for me.

Thank you Dr. Honor.  I am starting a search here in MA for a Dr. of Chinese Medicine.  Wish me luck!
Virginia Molloy (May 2014)

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